Asian Current Research on Fluid Inclusions IX(ACROFI IX)——Biennial Meeting of Fluid and Melt Inclusion Researchers(SECOND ANNOUNCEMENT)


Asian Current Research on Fluid Inclusions IX


Biennial Meeting of Fluid and Melt Inclusion Researchers


Hosted and Organized by the

Nanjing University

December 12-13, 2022

Nanjing, China



Asian Current Research on Fluid Inclusions IX


12th - 13th December 2022, Nanjing


12th December, Monday

16:00 Opening Ceremony

ChairProf. Pei Ni

Welcome remarks from Nanjing University

16:10 Oral Session

Conveners: Prof. Hongrui FanProf. Sergey Smirnov


Plenary Lecture

Rainer Thomas

Direct interaction of mantle and crust via supercritical fluids: a novel, very rapid trans-crustal transport mechanism


Plenary Lecture

Sergey Smirnov

Dehydration partial melting of immature island-arc crust as a magma source for powerful caldera-forming eruptions: melt and fluid inclusion study of Pleistocene dacitic pumices from Southern Kuril Islands


Keynote Lecture

Jiuhua Xu

Supercritical fluids as recorded in quartz phenocrysts of the Late Jurassic porphyritic granitic dyke in the Dongping gold deposit, Northern Hebei, China


Xinghui Li

Thermodynamic modeling of fluids in orogenic gold deposits to constrain the formation of fluid inclusions and quartz veins


Plenary Lecture

Rosario Esposito

A protocol to interpret volatile contents of magmas recorded by melt inclusions


Pan Qu

Apatite fingerprints on the magmatic-hydrothermal evolution of the Daheishan giant porphyry Mo deposit, NE China


Mingsen Fan

Yanshanian multiple gold-mineralizing events in Zhenghe, South China: Evidence from mineralization, fluid inclusion and geochronology


Jianming Cui

Tungsten mineralization formed by single-pulsed magmatic fluid

19:25-20:05 Short break

Conveners: Prof. Xiaodong LiuProf. Jan Marten Huizenga


Plenary Lecture

Jan Marten Huizenga

High-density CO2 fluid inclusions in ultrahigh temperature granulites from the Bakhuis granulite terrane (Surinam, South America)


Keynote Lecture

Yuling Xie

The physical and chemical properties of carbonatite fluid and the REEs enrichment during carbonatite melt-fluid evolution


Daohan Zhang

Postentrapment Modifications of Fluid Inclusions in Quartz


Yi Zheng

Large-Scaled Structure-Geofluids-Alteration-Mineralization Mapping of the Hydrothermal Deposits: Basic Principle and Precautions


Wenqing Huang

Geochronology and fluid inclusion characterization of a marble-hosted ruby deposit from Yunnan Province, China


Plenary Lecture

Robert J. Bodnar

“Pure CO2” fluid inclusions: recognition and interpretation


Zihao Zhao

Intermediate-sulfidation epithermal Pb-Zn mineralization and prospecting exploration in Xianhualing district, North Huaiyang: Insight from fluid inclusion and LA-ICP-MS analysis


Zhuang Min

Study on Structure-fluid Control of Jiadi Gold Deposit in Southwest Guizhou


Sakthi Saravanan Chinnasamy

Fluid characteristics and P-T conditions of gold mineralization at Joga, Sandur greenstone belt India: Evidence from fluid inclusion study

13th December, Tuesday

Conveners: Prof. Xiaodong LiuProf. Benedetto De Vivo


Plenary Lecture

Benedetto De Vivo

FI & MI on the study of high risk active volcanoes: Campi Flegrei and Mt Somma-Vesuvius (Naples, Italy)


Qihai Shu

Fluid nature, metal deposition mechanisms, and mineralization potential of a Zn-Pb skarn system: evidence from fluid inclusion compositions


Haizhen Wei

Chlorine isotope fractionation in ore-forming fluids and its implication for polymetallogenic processes


Plenary Lecture

Yanbo Cheng

An overview and outlook of granite-related Sn and W mineral systems


Li Zhou

Preliminary tests on synthetic fluid inclusions in quartz with hot-seal pressure vessels


Siwen Li

Properties of MVT ore-forming fluids - simulation experiment


Plenary Lecture

Junyi Pan

Formation of vein-type W and Sn deposits: a fluid inclusion perspective


Yulong Yang

Episodic fluid evolution in the formation of the large scale Luoyang Fe deposit, Fujian, Eastern China


Pengpeng Yu

Trace elements and sulfur-lead isotopes behavior in metamorphosed volcanogenic massive sulfide (VMS) mineralization systems

19:30-20:10 Short break

Conveners: Prof. Jiuhua XuProf. Mruganka Kumar Panigrahi


Plenary Lecture

Mruganka Kumar Panigrahi

Reflections of a tortuous journey through Fluid Inclusion research over the past three decades


Keynote Lecture

Feiyu Wang

Phase Fractionation and Formation of Oil Inclusions in Sedimentary Basins


Hongwei Ping

A new method to reconstruct P-T trapping conditions of hydrocarbon fluid inclusions in sedimentary basins


Xiaoli Wu

Gas generation potential of Ordovician carbonate of Ordos Basin, North China: indicated by H2S-rich hydrocarbon inclusions


Miao Wang

Formation of Bed-parallel fibrous veins in organic-rich shales and their records for episodic oil expulsion


Plenary Lecture

Guoxiang Chi

Back to the roots: advances, problems and perspective of fluid inclusion studies


Wensheng Li

Co-genetic formation of scheelite- and wolframite-bearing quartz veins in the Chuankou W deposit, South China: Evidence from individual fluid inclusion and geochronology studies


Yongkang Chen

Fluid evolution and metallogenic mechanism of the Xianghualing Sn-ploymetallic deposit, South China: Evidence from petrography, fluid inclusions and cassiterite geochemistry

23:20 Closing Ceremony

ChairProf. Hongrui Fan

Prof. Pei Ni, Summary of Asian Current Research on Fluid Inclusions IX

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l  Topic: Asian Current Research on Fluid Inclusions IX (ACROFI IX)

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l  Topic: Asian Current Research on Fluid Inclusions IX (ACROFI IX)

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